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  • Camellia Candy
    Camellia Candy

    Ingredients: Fruit, Camellia, Green Tea, Yeast, Rose, Hawthorn, Citric Acid(Bhydroxy tricarballylic acid), Crude Perfume, Malt, Honey, liquorice, Angelica Keiskei, Puer Tea, Lactic Acid Bactiria, Acesulfame Pottassium, Sucralose.

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  • Purple Cane Tea Egg Spicess
    Purple Cane Tea Egg Spicess

    Tea egg is a kind of alkaline food which is cooked with medicinal spices. It not only whets the appetite, but also good for liver and disperse alcohol. Thus, it is suitable for all ages. Besides being served alone, it can also be sliced or crushed to de served with hamburger, toast and salad...

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  • Green Tea Wasabi Peanuts
    Green Tea Wasabi Peanuts

    Ingredients: Green tea, peanuts, wasabi (horseradish), salt, corn starch

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  • Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds(300g)
    Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds(300g)

    Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Green Tea Powder. Net Weight: 300g.

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