Can Tea Help To Improve Mental Health?

Can Tea Help To Improve Mental Health?
Tea is known to have beneficial properties for our physical health and boost our immunity but...



Tea is known to have beneficial properties for our physical health and boost our immunity but how about our mental health? Especially during this pandemic where most of us are confined at home or apart from our loved ones, there has been a rise in awareness for mental health. Apart from the well-known tea types like green tea and puer tea, did you know that flower scented teas are also recommended to freshen our mind and relax our thoughts?

What is Flower Scented Tea?

Scented tea is tea scented with real flower blossoms.  It has the benefits from both tea leaves and fresh flowers.

In general, scented tea has the characteristics of beautifying the skin, freshening your mind, and dredging the human intestines and stomach. In addition, the caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system, so it can relieve fatigue and increase vitality. The tea polyphenols in tea and tea pigment can also play an antioxidant effect.


Here are 3 Flower Scented Tea with green tea as the base that will freshen you up.

Orchid Scented Green Tea

The aroma from orchids is rich, and the tea is elegant and moist. Brewed tea is clear and translucent, and the delicate green tea is refreshing and mellow. Fragrant drinking experience which relaxes the body and mind.

Snow Jasmine

Scented with jasmine flowers, it has a delicate fragrance that is calming upon brew. The buds are tender and pure in color just like snow. With a refreshing fragrance, the petals gracefully dance and swirl as it unfurls.

Jasmine Green Tea

Scented with budding jasmine flowers, the tea is full of floral fragrance with a mellow and refreshing taste. Tea leaves tight and fine, upon brewing gives a clear bright  yellow greenish brew. Each brew emits the refreshing fragrance of jasmine flower while you refresh your mind with each sip.

*Adjust the drinking method according to your own situation.