【100 Q】005 Daily Tea Routine For Better Health

【100 Q】005 Daily Tea Routine For Better Health
Times have changed. Regardless whether we are working from home or still going to work every day...

Times have changed. Regardless whether we are working from home or still going to work every day, we are no longer as active as before and maybe in terms of our diet too. Over a prolonged period, this will result in the accumulation of toxins in our body causing us to feel lethargic. With the current rage of increasing numbers of active cases daily, health must be our utmost importance.


We have always been a firm advocate for drinking tea for the various health benefits. Daily tea consumption can be implemented into our everyday life to help boost our immune system.


From green tea to Puer tea, we are spoiled with choice. Depending on preference and creativity, there are various ways to make daily tea consumption fun and innovative. Here are some tea blends that you can try out daily at home:

1. Morning 

After breakfast, you can choose green tea.
Green tea is rich in vitamins and amino acids, and has the effects of clearing heat, relaxing pressure, antibacterial, anti-oxidant and enhancing immunity.
If you want to taste something different, you can try lemon with green tea, the taste is fresh and sour, you can drink it to cool off the heat when the weather is very hot. Just put the brewed green tea to the temperature that can be drunk, and then add one or two slices of cut lemon, or drip a few drops of lemon juice, so as to avoid the loss of vitamin C caused by high temperature.

2. Afternoon

Many people choose to have lunch outside, and sometimes it is unavoidable that they can only choose more flavorful foods.

Drink some flower tea after a meal. Jasmine tea is a good choice. It not only has the benefits of green tea, but also has a relaxing floral scent, and it can relieve greasiness. This type of tea is exactly what you need to refresh your mind and increase vitality during your lunch break.

3. Evening 

Take a break and unwind after dinner and drink some ripe Puer tea.

Ripe Puer tea is mild in nature, has relatively little irritation to the spleen and stomach, helps digestion, and relieves the feeling of fatness. If you add tangerine peel and brew it together, it has the effects of invigorating the spleen, resolving phlegm and relieving vomiting. In this way, there is not only the fresh and fruity aroma of tangerine peel, but also the rich scent of Puer, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.


From green tea to herbal tea, these are some of our recommendations to kickstart your own daily tea routine from home. Just like how everyone is uniquely different, the same goes with finding the best suited tea for your own physique. But there is definitely a tea that matches you perfectly.

Select a tea that is suitable for you to implement in your daily tea routine. Let’s drink more tea for better health today.