The Ultimate Guide to Mooncakes and Tea Pairing

The Ultimate Guide to Mooncakes and Tea Pairing

圆月溜溜 喝茶解忧
月餅配茶 中秋節的神仙絕配

Delivering a Cup Filled with the Gift of Fullness and Serenity
Mooncake and Tea Pairing, The Perfect Mid-Autumn Festival Match



Once a year, we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and this time each year we savor in delicious mooncakes. With the assortment of new and innovative mooncake flavors every year, it might be difficult to control our mouth leading to health concerns. Pairing mooncakes with tea is commonly known as the perfect match. While enjoying your mooncakes with tea, remember to enjoy it with hot tea instead of cold due to the high-fat content in mooncakes. When paired with cold beverages could lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Let us share with you 4 types of tea you can pair with mooncakes for the perfect balanced pairing.

1) 綠茶、花茶、白茶

Green Tea, Flower Scented Tea, White Tea


These three tea selections have an elegant and delicate fragrance. For those who prefer mooncakes with simple and light flavors can choose to pair it with these tea selections. This pairing not only leaves a refreshing taste but also aids digestion.

2) 烏龍茶、青普洱

Oolong Tea, Puer Tea


Oolong Tea has a prominent aroma with a lingering fragrance while Green Puer Tea aged 5 years and above has a sweet, earthy, and robust flavor. For mooncakes that have strong flavors and slightly greasy, this is the perfect pairing. This can help cleanse your palate and reduce the strain on the stomach.


3) 黑茶、紅茶

Hei Cha, Black Tea


These two types of tea with mild and warm characteristics leave a calm and smooth taste on the palate. This makes them the best choice for those who have sensitive physique.

4) 花草茶

Herbal Tea


Though tea is known to have numerous health benefits, some individuals are not suitable to consume tea. If that’s you, not to worry because you can opt to consume herb-based tea such as chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, and other flower teas. All of these have the effects of reducing heat and relieving dryness. Pairing mooncakes with herb-based tea is a refreshing twist in the pairing.

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