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【一年一相见:明媚春日龙井之约】Sweet Dew of Spring: Long Jing Green Tea

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Sweet Dew of Spring: Long Jing Green Tea
[PRE-ORDER 40% discount only until 30/04/2020


Spring is finally here! Though we don't experience dramatic seasonal changes in Malaysia, tea lovers always look forward to this season, as it is when we can taste the first batch of high quality Long Jing Green Tea freshly harvested that year.

So what's so special about this sweet dew of spring that keeps so many tea lovers come back each year for more?

Remarkable flavour, exquisite appearance

Long Jing harvested before the Qing Ming festival, known as Ming Qian Long Jing, is the best. Long Jing harvested before the "Grain Rain" (Guyu) season, known as Yu Qian Long Jing, is also of a superior grade.

Premium Long Jing is famous for its beautiful shape and colour, mellow taste, and delicate aroma. The finished dry leaves appear to be sword blades in shape, flat and smooth, with a natural pleasing green. The tea produces a clear, yellow-green infusion with a refreshing, mellow and delicate aroma and taste, with a unique bean or chestnut-like note.


The gifted terroir

The area of Xihu (West Lake) is known for its often cool, moist and misty climate, abundance of sunshine and rainfall, and acidic loose soil, making it perfect for tea growing.


Excellence in craftsmanship

To guarantee the grade, Long Jing green tea picking follows extraordinarily stringent guidelines. Only tender tea shoots of consistent growth and quality are picked to produce the best quality First Tea, hence its limited supply and high price.

Its special processing method of pan-roasting is also an art that takes years to master. The tea master's skillfulness will greatly affect the quality and price of the final tea product.


Exceptional health benefits

Long Jing Green Tea contains vitamin C, amino acids, and one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas. Its possible health benefits include stress relief, weight control, protecting oral health, and helping maintain cardiovascular health.

2020 Ming Qian Long Jing First Harvest: Pre-orders are OPEN NOW !!

Hailing from the West Lake area and produced from first spring shoots prior to the Qingming Festival every year, the Ming Qian Long Jing is a premium green tea famous for its fresh mellow taste, delicate aroma, and exquisite appearance. 

Pre-orders are now open for 2020 Ming Qian Long Jing with time-limited special discounts. Three grades are available: Royal, Imperial, and Tribute

The Royal Long Jing is a competition grade premium tea that comes in a custom-made Malaysian pewter tea caddy. It is a limited edition tea commemorating Purple Cane's 33rd anniversary. As it is limited, be sure to grab it while stocks last!



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