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不再搞 "乌龙" 泡茶必知 The Ultimate Guide on Brewing Oolong Tea

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Taiwan Oolong tea when distinguished by the degree of fermentation and processing, it can be categorized into: lightly fermented Wenshan type Baozhong tea, Dong Ding Baozhong tea and heavily fermented Taiwanese Oolong Tea.

Taiwan Oolong has always been known for its high fragrance. In addition to hot brewing, Taiwan Oolong tea can also be brewed cold or mixed. Today we will be sharing several ways to drink Taiwanese oolong tea.
Let’s learn, let’s enjoy Taiwanese oolong tea together!
茶艺法 The Art of Brewing:
Mastering the skills of tea brewing with the right tea brewing principle

冲泡文山包种 Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong Tea
I. 备具 Equipment
Depending on the type of tea and number of guests, prepare a brewing vessel  and cups. Today we will be using porcelain brewing vessel and 2 medium-sized teacups.

II. 备茶 Tea Preparation
Prepare the sufficient amount of tea leaves depending on the size of the brewing vessel and number of brews.

III. 冲泡方法 Brewing Method
文山包种是条形乌龙茶,轻发酵轻焙火,用中温,回旋式注水,第一泡35秒后出汤,第 二泡30秒,第三泡35秒,茶香清香幽长。
Wen Shan Bao Zhong is an oolong tea with stout, tightly twisted tea leaves that is lightly roasted and fermented. This tea type is best brewed in medium temperature water and swirled gently. First brewing takes 35 seconds to extract the full flavor from the tea leaves while the second and third brew takes 30seconds and 35 seconds resulting in a prolonged delicate fragrance.

Recommended Tea Ware: Porcelain Lidden Cup

I. 备具 Equipment
Prepare your brewing vessel and cups according to the type of tea and number of guests. For this tea, we will be using red clay teapot with 4 small cups

II. 备茶 Tea Preparation
Prepare the amount of tea according to the number of brewing and the size of the teapot.
III. 冲泡方法 Brewing Method
Roasted Ying Xiang Oolong is a spherical-shaped oolong tea. For this tea, it is brewed using the “High Temperature Three Speed Brewing” method to showcase the aroma, sweetness, and mellowness of this roasted tea. You may enjoy this tea for three rounds, each round the tea is brewed three times and served equally.

Recommended Tea Ware: Purple Clay Tea Set
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