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以袋泡茶開展品茶之旅 Starting Your Tea Journey with Tea Bags

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一直很想喝茶,但是又覺得這個喝茶的門很高,在門外張望許久,不知道該從哪裡開始。想到喝茶好像要先置茶具,又擔心自己3分鐘熱度,作為一名精明 消費者,該怎麼做呢?



Have always been interested in exploring tea drinking but not sure where to start? Tea culture doesn’t need to be that intimidating! Let us show you how you can kickstart your tea journey with Cane’s Tea.

As a beginner, enjoying a good cup of tea is simple! Just start with the teabag! All you need is a cup, a tea bag and hot water. Here are four Cane’s Tea varieties you can start with. 

4款好喝的袋泡茶. 天然零添加,每天的日常必備

4 Highly Recommended Tea Bags. All Natural . Daily Tea Essentials 

1)康氏普洱茶 Cane’s Puer Tea 



Our popular choice is Cane’s Puer Tea. With a reddish brown tone and unique scent, this is a suitable tea to enjoy all day long. 

2)康氏白茶 Cane’s White Tea



Cane’s White Tea is the least processed tea, making it a delicate tea that packs a punch when it comes to health benefits. Once brewed produces an orange-yellow infusion with a delicate aroma.

3)康氏绿茶 Cane’s Green Tea



Green tea known for being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Enjoy Cane's Green Tea for a fragrant and refreshing tea which boosts immunity too.

4)康氏Slimtee Cane’s Slimtee




Detoxifying tea to help promote bowel movement for internal cleansing. Cane’s Slimtee has a golden infusion and smooth in taste. It is made from fine oolong tea and natural high-quality herbs.


What is your pick? 


Cane's Green Tea Bag Puer Tea Tea Bag Teabag White Tea

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