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如何拆散紧压茶? How to loosen compressed tea?

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如何拆散紧压茶? How to loosen compressed tea? 

1) 借用一支普洱刀在茶饼边缘插入。
2) 稍稍弄松,再用手去拉开。
3) 把掰下来的普洱,用手弄散。

1) Inserting puer knife from the side of puer tea.
2) Rotate and press the puer knife to loosen the tea.
3) Patiently loosen the chipped off tea with hand


普洱茶收藏 Storage of Puer Tea

1) 将散开的普洱茶置入茶罐。
2) 将普洱茶包装棉紙放入茶罐,以便查看。
3) 置放于阴凉、干燥、通风、避光之处。

1) Place the loosen tea into a tea canister.
2) Attach with the wrapping paper for future reference.
3) Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.


Puer Tea Tea Storing Tea Tips 普洱茶 茶叶收藏

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