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年后如何保持身材不走样?Tea Tips On Keeping Fit After New Year

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In a blink of an eye, Chinese New Year has gone by. During the past festive season, it has been filled with festive feasting with family, relatives and friends. With all the delicious delicacies and pastries, there is no surprise if there are some weight gain. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong’s "Song of Seven Bowls of Tea" talked about the seven significant benefits of drinking tea. Among them, "five bowls of light muscles and bones" means that drinking tea can have a light body effect and make people feel physically lighter. Of course, this is the creative literature description but let’s take a look at the function and composition of tea.

Tea has a good effect of removing fat and greasy. In the northwestern frontier region of China, in the high-cold plateau area, meat is mainly used in daily life, and milk is greasy. They normally drink dark tea or butter tea made from dark tea to eliminate greasiness and supplement vitamin deficiency.

The active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, theophylline and chlorophyll contained in tea can regulate the metabolism and absorption of fat in the human body, reduce the human body’s absorption of food fat, and promote the oxidative decomposition of these lipids. It also helps avoid the precipitation of fat in the subcutaneous tissues of the human body.

Everyone’s goal is to be healthy and stay in shape. Weight loss is actually a comprehensive activity. Drinking tea is an auxiliary adjustment in diet. It does not mean that you would see an immediate effect after just a few cups of tea. However, moderate exercise and proper diet control is required too. This requires long-term persistence, developing good tea drinking habits, and drinking tea in moderation, and try to drink unsweetened and unflavoured as much as possible.

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