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新年喝普洱,如何泡得好?How to Brew The Perfect Pot of Puer Tea for Chinese New Year?

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It is the time of the year, where we busy ourselves with buying Chinese New Year goods and decorating our homes with festive elements to welcome the new year. Not to forget preparing food for reunion dinner and gatherings. Meaty ingredients like chicken, duck, and fish are our all-time favourites, yet having these food can give off a bad sensation of too oily. Here's a suggestion to lessen the greasiness, which is pairing teas with greasy food! Besides, teas can also enhance the flavour of food.

Among all the teas, Puer tea is best known for its fit with CNY dishes. So, what is the secret behind brewing a perfect pot of Puer tea?


🌿水溫 Water Temperature🌿


First of all, water temperature is the key to brewing tasty teas. Using water that is not boiled properly will not induce the smooth and sweet texture and the woody aroma of Puer tea. Therefore spoiling the whole tea tasting experience.


🌿茶具 Choice of Teaware🌿

再來是所選的茶具,若是瓷器,則可以忠實呈現茶質茶味。如果是紫砂壺,就可以起到加強風味和“隱惡揚善” 的作用。

If you use normal porcelain teaware, the original taste and texture of Puer can be well-presented. However, if the choice is purple clay pot, the material of teawares aids in intensifying the tea flavour and is able to bring out the best of Puer tea.


 🌿時間 Timing🌿


Time also plays a crucial role in determining the overall taste of tea. Mature leaves of ripe Puer tea takes longer steeping period to fully absorb the water as they have crude fibers. If you want to shorten the steeping period, you may pour boiled water into the teapot with Puer tea leaves and immediately empty the water before the start of the first brew. This will help to smooth out the mature tea leaves and prompt better water absorption. On the other hand, Puer tea made from young tea leaves or young buds requires shorter steeping period to not affect the taste of tea. When young tea leaves are steeped for too long, the taste of tea might be too strong for one's liking.



3 Brewing Methods Recommendation:
Big Pot Brew, Tea Art Brew, Blended Brew

Big Pot Brew: Ripe Puer (Zheng He San Hao)

材料:壽星壺 (750ml),熟普洱 (7g) (1g 對100ml)

Symbol: Happy Families
Materials: 'Shou Xing' pot (750ml), Ripe Puer (7g) (1g/100ml)
Procedures: Warm the pot, put tea leaves in the pot and boil with water for 10-15 minutes.
Taste: Smooth, Pleasant
Aroma: Woody

Tea Art Brew: Combination of raw and ripe puer (Qing Yun Pu + Gu Shu Yan Cha)

材料:生普洱 (7分),熟普洱(3分)

Symbol: May Gold and Silver Fill Your House
Materials: Raw Puer (7/10), Ripe Puer (3/10)
Procedures: Prepare a teapot, tea serving pot, tea cups, and a water boiler. Adopt Tea Art Brewing method.
Taste: Mellow, Smooth, A mixture of the smooth texture of ripe puer and the sweet aroma of raw puer.

Blended Brew: Ripe Puer Special Blend (7542)


Symbol: Auspicious Reunion, Flourishing Career
Materials: Ripe Puer, Longan, Red Dates
Procedures: Prepare a pot, put in ripe puer, longan and red dates. Pour water and boil until the taste of ingredients blend nicely together.
Taste: Slightly Sweet, Smooth
Aroma: Longan and red dates' sweetness with ripe puer's woody aroma.



Selecting the most suitable brewing method is not just about bringing the best taste, texture and aroma of the tea, but also granting a tasTEA and healthTEA experience for your family.

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