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新年泡茶,你選對茶具了嗎? Are You Using The Right Teaware

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🌿No matter who you are, an ‘old’ tea enthusiast or you have just begun your tea-drinking journey, we all knew that teawares are equally important as teas. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, everyone is busy decorating their houses with CNY elements and creating a festive atmosphere. However, it feels like something is lacking when we brew teas with our old teawares. How about we choose an ideal teaware to celebrate the New Year? ‘Old’ tea enthusiast purchase a new set of teaware as an ‘icing on the cake’; while new tea lovers can buy a CNY teaware to welcome the new HealthTEA norm and incorporate it in life.

There is an old saying about tea brewing: Water and teaware are the parents of tea. According to everyone’s personal preference, we can choose our own teaware that is deemed suitable to pair with tea.


How to Choose Teawares for Brewing Tea and Teacups





Selection of Teacups:

Tall Teacup: for tea lovers who enjoy drinking aromatic scented tea and Taiwan Oolong tea. Reason: This teacup design is good at collecting fragrances and convenient for tea lovers to smell the scent of tea at the bottom of teacups.

Wide-mouthed Teacup: for those who loves Puer tea or Liu Pao tea you can go for teacups that are wider. Reason: Black tea is perfect for drinking when the teacups are wide mouthed. They are faster in radiating heat.

White Teacup (Inner wall of cup): suitable for every tea kind for convenient observation of tea colour. Especially for the beginner of Tea Art.






Selection of Teaware for Brewing Tea (Eg. Teapot, Tea pitcher)

Transparent Teaware: suitable for brewing green tea, flower herbal tea or black tea with smoky aroma. Reason: Great ornamental value

Porcelain Teaware: suitable for all kind of teas especially teas that requires lower brewing temperature

Ceramic Teaware: if the inner wall of teaware is glazed, you may use it the same way as using porcelain teaware.  If the inner wall is not glazed, this teaware is more suitable for drinking red tea or other roasted teas Reason: Ceramic teawares that are not glazed will reduce the fragrant of tea.

Purple Clay Teaware: suitable for all kind of teas that are brewed in medium or high temperature. Reason: This teaware is a better heat insulator, it can also enhance the flavour of tea.



There are many kinds of teawares to facilitate the tea-brewing experience. Just follow your personal preference and liking when you make your choice to select teaware. You don’t have to follow others’ opinion or trend as the best choice will be the teaware that you enjoy using the most.

Ceramic Porcelain Purple Clay Tall Teacup Tea Brewing Teacup Teaware Transparent Wide-mouthed Teacup

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