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新式茶饮法 New Tea Drinking Method

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80年代中,手摇杯(雪克杯)冲泡的泡沫茶饮席卷台湾,冰凉甜滑的口感迅速占领年轻人的心,开启了台湾人的 “手摇饮料文化”。90年代,加入珍珠/粉圆的奶茶绽露头角,迅速蹿红,后来更以珍珠奶茶连锁店的方式风靡世界。此外,用原叶冲泡的冷泡茶也在各咖啡馆和各种餐饮店流行起来。
In the mid-1980s, a new wave of hand-shaken bubble tea swept across Taiwan thanks to the cool and sweet-tasting beverages which captured the hearts of the younger generation. In the 1990s, milk tea with tapioca pearls emerged and quickly took over the region by storm. Soon after, this trend started to spread across the globe making it one of the top searched beverages. Also, cold brew tea started penetrating into the local cafe and restaurant scene.

Today, we will share with you 2 new ways to enjoy tea:

泡沫冻顶乌龙 Foamy Chilled Oolong Tea

Use a shaker cup and fill it halfway with ice cups. Pour chilled oolong tea with syrup or honey, close the lid and start shaking. After shaking 30 times, pour the prepared drink into a glass and there you have a foamy glass of refreshing oolong tea.

● 雪克杯 Cocktail Shaker:350 ml capacity
● 茶叶 Tea:冻顶乌龙茶汤 Chilled Oolong Tea 250 ml
● 糖浆 /蜜糖 Syrup/Honey:25 ml
● 冰块 Ice Cubes:½ Cup

冷泡金萱乌龙 Cold Brew Jin Xuan Oolong Tea


Add the tea leaves into a glass bottle with room temperature water. Chill it in the
refrigerator for 6 hours and you’ll have your cold brew tea.

● 金萱乌龙 Jin Xuan Oolong Tea:4g
● 室温饮用水 Drinking Water :500ML
● 浸泡时间 Steeping Time:6hrs

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