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有些饮料 多喝才好 No better time for TEA than this.

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Not gonna lie, we panicked for a second too when the news hit. What are we supposed to do for 14 days at home? After (sipping on tea) we finally calmed down and started scheduling for the next two weeks, and it turns out 14 days aren’t as long as we thought.
Balanced intake of nutrients is especially important now to make sure your immune system works at its best. Stay hydrated always and eat healthy. Luckily food delivery services are still available if you don’t feel like cooking every meal.
Working or studying from home?
We’d surprise ourselves with how quickly we can adapt to utilizing more online resources and techno tools to enhance workflow and efficiency! 不减。
Less movement, more Me-time!
Finally there’s time to finish the novel that’s been lying around for months, watch that new movie of a favourite actor, or even pick up a new hobby! Light workout sessions can also help manage stress and strengthen the body.
Living with family or friends? It is actually a good opportunity to spend time with them. Brew up some warm tea, watch TV together or just talk to each other and show your love and support in this challenging time. 
Gentle reminder: Practice social distancing, rest well, eat healthy, keep calm and drink tea. Stay safe and stay strong, we will get through this together and meet again very soon!

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