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泡茶的壶最美 Brewing pot is always the best

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文 By: 许玉莲 Hooi Yoke Lien






I like those produce of clay pot byYixing Factory One. Their pots are particularly comfortable to fiddle with,and their touches are gentle for skin – without slight stiffness. Over ten years ago we collected an overhead pot to brew our self­blendingpuer, with Ripe Puer as part of our ingredients.Inserting slight portion of Xiaguan green tuo cha, pour in hot water and we would immediatelyitness hot air coming out of the pot. While observing the tea's evaporation­like hot air, we tranquilly waited for the tea to soak.

As we had been brewing and enjoying tea for half year or so, the overhead pot – which initially looked as rough as stone – was indeed secretively turning gentle as jade. Brightly and evenly displayed, the pot's granule were also presenting the teawater as if flashing silver purple colour irregularly – touching the gentlest part of our heart. This is what we called aesthetic.

When it comes to brewing oolong tea, we have been using a drop­ball pot produced by Yixing Factory One.Literally a red mud pot, the pot diffuses light yellowish colouration. As we brewed tea for quitesome time, it turned deeply but shiningly reddish. Greatly sintered, the pot transfers heat prettyquickly. And we particularly like the purely fragrant tea brewed by this pot.

As what we have been saying – do not buy a pot for the sake of nurturing a pot. Nor should webrew tea for the sake of nurturing our pot. If we ignore our teapot, leaving it running out of tea andour appreciation and treasure, it will remain an object – no longer a teapot in its true essence.

When we are brewing tea without a genuine purpose to enjoy tea, our teapot will not accumulateits own vitality and attraction.

Teapot is produced for brewing tea and our tea­drinking enjoyment. As we bring home a teapot,we shall figure out its materials and sintering art and shape. Spend some time and befriend ourteapot, we will realise evert pot does have a type of tea which suits it best.
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