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白茶: 一年茶,三年藥,七年寶 White Tea: “One year tea, Three years medicine, Seven years treasure”

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不揉不炒 接近原味的茶 ~ 白茶
The purest and most highly prized of tea types, White Tea is the least processed of the tea types, celebrated for both its delicate flavour profiles, as well as its many health benefits.
What is White Tea?
White tea is one of the six major types of teas. It is a slightly fermented tea with minimal processing and undergoes only the drying process after being picked without being cut and twisted. The types of white tea vary according to different regions, tree species and picking standards for fresh leaves. It can be divided into two types: bud tea and leaf tea.
Bud Tea: It is white tea made from the fat and strong tea buds at the top of the white tea tree. It has a refreshing fragrance and very good quality. The full-bodied pekoe tea has extremely high ornamental and drinking value.
Leaf tea: White tea made from tea leaves of the tea plant. It has a refreshing taste of light sweet yeast. Examples: Such as White Peony, Shou Mei, etc
White Tea Cake: Imitating the pressing process of Puer tea, steamed into various compacted shapes. Such as Shoumei white tea cake
Why is white tea known as “One year tea, Three years medicine, Seven years treasure”?
This is due to the production process of white tea which keeps it active. The active compounds in white tea, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, caffeine, amino acids, and flavonoids, will be further enhanced during the storage time. The pure tea properties gradually transform into medicinal properties with health-care functions with the condition that the quality and storage conditions of the tea must be good.
Choosing the Right White Tea As A Gift
When choosing to white tea as a gift, first you have to consider the age and gender of the recipient.
l For the ladies: Bud tea "Silver Needle Pekoe" or "White Peony", is recommended as this tea white tea is delicately brewed and possesses an elegant and delicate aroma. Also, white tea is praised for anti-aging which is well sought after for ladies.
 l  男性:送屬於葉茶的《貢眉》或《壽眉》,茶湯甜爽醇厚,耐泡耐煮,易泡好喝。
l For the gents: Give "Gong Mei" or "Shou Mei" belonging to leaf tea. The tea soup is sweet and mellow, resistant to soaking and boiling, and easy to soak and drink.
We hope this gives you a better understanding on White Tea and how you can incorporate it into your tea sessions. Purple Cane has a wide selection of white tea to choose from. Visit us online to shop for white teas and more! 
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