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绿茶5大问题 大家都在问 😱 People have been asking about these

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1. 康氏绿茶怎么泡,最好喝?



2. 喝了康氏绿茶会不会睡不着? 


茶可以冲泡成薄茶或浓茶来享用。以康氏袋泡来说,如果体质较敏感,担心影响睡眠,可以把浸泡时间控制在 30秒-1分钟 之内,即取出茶包,这就是薄茶,虽然口感较淡,仍保留了营养成分,也不会太影响睡眠。




3. 绿茶很“寒”,会伤胃?





4. 康氏绿茶有什么健康功效呢? 




 5. 咦,我的茶汤怎么是浅黄色的?绿茶不是绿色的吗? 






Your questions, answered.

You‘re a curious bunch! We get a lot of questions about Cane’s green tea.  Here are some answers to the questions you ask most.


1. How to make the perfect cup of Cane’s Green Tea?

The key is to control the water temperature and steeping time. Place 1 Cane’s Green Tea teabag in a cup or a flask of hot water at 75-85℃ and allow it to steep for 1-3 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea.


2. Will Cane’s Green Tea keep me awake at night?

Green tea contains caffeine, which is one of the reasons it can clear our mind and make us feel energized.

If you have experience of caffeine sensitivity, you can avoid having tea after noon, or limit your steeping time to between 30 seconds - 1 minute to make a milder tea.


3. Is tea “cold in nature” and bad for your stomach?

Tea will not do harm to your body when brewed and consumed normally and reasonably. (If you do have a special health condition, seek advice from a doctor.)

Refer to the aforementioned method of limiting steeping time, listen to your body, and adjust according to your own preference.

Keep in mind that as much as you love tea, refrain from brewing it overly strong and drinking excessively!


4. What are the health benefits of Cane’s Green Tea? 

Rich in catechins, amino acids, and vitamins, green tea is a healthy daily beverage, and the most natural anti-oxidant beverage you can get.

Among its numerous health benefits, Green tea may help energize your body and clear the mind; protect eye health and skin health; boost immunity.


5. Hmm… Why does my green tea look more yellow than green?

Different types of green tea produce infusions with subtle or obvious differences in colour. When brewed normally, a green tea infusion naturally appears to be yellowish green, or even green with a light brown tone.


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