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茶心事 My Tea Story

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文 By:胡悅昀 Hu Yue Yun




Writers and scholars love tea, so do men in the street. Without enjoyment and appreciation of tea in our daily life, it will be not as colourful anymore.

I feel the contentment when my friends and I are enjoying tea. My only regret – something which I can't quite possibly overturn – is that I did not brew a pot of good tea and serve my respectful and lovely father so that he can share my fulfillment. I can only now pour his portion of tea onto the soil – in the hope that between the space of death and life he can possibly sense the story that I am going to tell him. Dad, you know what? In this cup of tea lies my endless thoughts and tears for you. If there is a time machine, how great would it be if we can meet together and prolong our togetherness.

My love for tea and my father will remain the same forever. My dear friends, brew and serve tea to your parents when they are still around. Procrastinate no more – for a cup of hearty tea can't afford to bear a slight sense of remorse.

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