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茶葉的鬆緊度如何影響沖泡?Influence of Tea Tightness On Brewing

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With the  numerous production processes in the tea industry, this results in a wide range of tea shapes and flavors. This includes: Flakes, Curls, Round, Strips, Cakes, Bricks and Dome (Tuo). Among them, pellets, cakes bricks and tu0-shaped teas are in a compact state. In consideration of the storage method, in addition to the granular form, the cakes, bricks or tuo-shaped teas can be disassembled into loose or small pieces or kept intact. 

The difference in the degree of tightness of the tea leaves will affect the brewing, because in a tight state, the tea will not unfurl quickly when soaked in hot water, which is not conducive to the release of flavor. For tea which are tightly rolled or curled, generally speaking, the water temperature for brewing has to be slightly higher. With higher water temperature, the tea leaves can fully unfurl, making the tightly packed tea to loosen up and increase the speed for the flavor to be released. However, at the same time, we must also pay attention to controlling the brewing rhythm and the speed of the water added. For tea which is not tightly shaped, the steeping time should not be too long with the suitable water temperature. 

The tenderness of the tea will also affect the brewing. Tea which has high tenderness, should avoid being overly steeped in the brewing vessel during brewing, and the water temperature should not be high, so that the tea fragrance will evaporate naturally and slowly. Because young tea leaves are easy to be over-brewed by high temperature, if the brewing time is too long, the aroma will not be easily revealed, resulting in a heavy brew. 

The thicker tea leaves are thick, hard and brittle. The tea leaves are low in tenderness. The steeping method combines high temperature and longer steeping duration resulting in a sweet and mellow brew. 

It takes practice to brew a good cup of tea. Practice makes perfect. It is not easy to brew tea well for the first time. With repeated practice, you may be able to find the best brewing method and brew the best cup of tea.

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