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🧧新年茶禮怎麽送? Tips To Choose The Right New Year Gift

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除了這些,還有一樣很重要的,那就是開門七件事 “柴米油鹽醬醋茶” 中的 “”,文人墨客的風雅七件事 “琴棋書畫詩酒茶” 裡也有。所以,“” 是生活,亦是文化。


🏮 Chinese New Year is approaching. No matter how busy we are in preparing goods or decorating our houses with CNY adornments, we never miss out on the tradition of sending our warmest blessings to our friends and family with a meaningful gift.

When it comes to CNY gifts, the most common ones are cakes, snacks, clothing or accessories. In addition to these, there is one thing that is crucial in Chinese’s tradition, which is ‘tea’ from the Seven Necessities that goes, "Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day". Besides, tea’s importance in Chinese culture is portrayed in the scholar’s mention of music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea as seven literary pursuits. Therefore, it is a part of our lives and the culture.

Nowadays, tea became a well-known daily beverage for people of all ages, thus gifting teas and teawares is an excellent choice.


Tips to Choose The Right New Year Gift 


We can think from different angles and perspective when choosing the right Chinese New Year gift for a special someone:

  1. 考慮收禮的對象 Background of The Recipients

    Take into account their age, gender, identity etc. If you are sending a gift to someone close to you, you should recall their tea-drinking preferences such as their favourite teas and choice of teaware. If the recipient is a new friend or a new colleague, his/her liking and taste should also be the key point of reference.

  2. 考慮送茶禮的目的 The Purpose Behind The Gift

    There are many purposes of Chinese New Year gifting. Sending tea gifts can be a form of appreciation to those who helped you in the previous year. They convey your sincere thank you messages to your loved ones and wish them a year full of prosperity and happiness.

    Tea gifts can also strengthen relationships or maintain bonds between people. Friends and relatives who have not been in contact for many years will be very moved by a warm tea gift. This tea gift communicates not only warmth but also commemorates the festive season.

In a nutshell, tea gifts are suitable for everyone to express their warm sincerity. Besides, when we send tea gifts we are also promoting Chinese culture.

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