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🐉 端午品茶,健康把关 Watching Your Health during the Dumpling Festival

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如果你喝茶的目得是保健,袋泡茶应该是最佳选择,因为用袋泡冲泡一杯茶,便捷简单。 在加热粽子的同时,一杯好茶已经泡好了。吃完粽子,再喝茶,饱足兼满足。















Before you get all excited and start munching on your favourite rice dumplings during this Dumpling Festival, don’t forget the Five Rules to Dumpling Eating for a tasty and healthy experience:

1. Eat it while it’s hot

2. Don’t be greedy, don’t overeat

3. Don’t be over-generous with fillings

4. Eat it with greens and fruits

5. Eat it with a cup of hot tea

For the non-tea drinkers:

If you’re not a habitual tea-drinker, why not try some flower tea such as chrysanthemum or rose tea with your dumplings. Teas like these are helpful in reducing the discomfort of heatiness after eating.


Living in the moment while being healthy:

Stay healthy while on the go with tea. As you heat up your dumplings you can conveniently make a great cup of tea at the same time too. You can definitely savour a quiet moment to yourself after your meal with your favourite cup of tea.

Taking time to appreciate value and tradition:

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with preparing teaware and setting the table to enjoy your favourite dumplings. We highly recommend Chao Zhou Dan Cong or Wuyi cliff-grown teas that exude a mellow taste that help to reduce that bloated feeling after eating dumplings. A good cup of tea definitely makes one reminisce the timeless tradition of the Dumpling Festival!


For those sensitive to tea:

For the elderly or those who are sensitive to tea, we recommend ripe puer, Liu Bao or aged Oolong to be served with your dumplings due to their mild nature so you’ll get to savour your meal without discomfort.



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