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[100 QUESTIONS ON TEA] 001 Don't Drink Tea In The Morning Until You Read This

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早上空腹喝茶好嗎?  Don't Drink Tea In The Morning Until You Read This

Everyone knows that drinking tea is good for health, but is it suitable to drink tea in the morning on an empty stomach?

Drink tea but be sure not to have it on an empty stomach. Drinking tea with an empty stomach can cause abnormal secretion of gastric acid, thereby reducing digestive function, causing contraction of the digestive tract mucosa or causing stomach pain.

However, drinking tea in the morning on an empty stomach also depends on personal physique, so avoid drinking concentrated tea. A cup of lightly salted water or honey water in the morning is a recommended way to cleanse the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, it is best to eat something to line your stomach before drinking tea to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.


Our local breakfast has a variety of choices and a combination of various tastes.

If you are having toast, you may pair it with black tea or oolong tea; 
If you like noodles, you can consider pairing it with Puer tea
For the National breakfast Nasi Lemak, you can try with green tea or black tea.
This will not only absorb the nutrients from tea, but also elevates the flavor of the food.

However, more importantly, do not drink strong tea and drinking enough water is the proper way to drink tea.

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