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[100 QUESTIONS ON TEA] 004 Which Tea Has the Best Antioxidants?

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Drinking tea is an indispensable part of life. It is believed that tea brings forth many benefits regardless when consumed as it is or blended with other tea or herbs. In addition to the antioxidants provided in tea, we can benefit from the other nutrients too.

A popular question is, which tea is the best tea to consume?

The truth is, there is no such thing as the “best” tea. Every type of tea has catechins and antioxidants which plays a certain role in improving one’s health. However, continuous consumption is required to actually see significant effects or improvement, same goes with acquiring nutrients from other food sources.

However, this means that we are able to select different teas that meet our requirements. Here are three tea types to consider. 

Green tea

Rich in vitamins and amino acids. Benefits of reducing body heat, relaxing, antibacterial and enhancing immunity.

Oolong tea

Rich in tannins, tea polyphenols and plant-based active substances, which can help digestion, detoxification, reducing body heat and refreshing.

Hei Cha

Rich in nutrients, can effectively enhance immunity, regulate metabolism and promote blood circulation.

While enriching our life with tea, we can also strengthen our body’s immunity at the same time. 

The above suggestions can be adjusted according to your own preference. Remember to drink plenty of water and drink tea in moderation to stay hydrated.



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