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【100 QUESTIONS ON TEA】How Many Shapes Does Purple Clay Teapot Have?

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Purple Clay is a kind of natural mineral clay. A Purple Clay Teapot has a duplex air vent structure, so it is well ventilated and good at heat preservation and transmission. When quality tea meets a nice teapot, it will release its taste and aroma thoroughly. Find a nice Purple Clay Tea Pot for your favorite tea, nurture it cannily, and you will see the charming vitality of purple clay.

There are four basic shapes for the purple clay teapot:

Holding Capacity

The teapots are mostly designed with straight spouts which are easy and convenient to use. Sizes vary from half a cup, two cups, four cups, six cups, eight cups, twelve cups and so on.


Forms Of Living Things

Designs derived from mainly plant and animal forms, modified for the purpose of teapot making. In the course of this, a balance is struck between beauty in form and adherence to the principle of practicality in terms of usage. Well known teapots of this type include: Spring Message and Pumpkin.


 Geometric Patterns

Emphasis is on straight lines and regular shapes, generally round or square. Typical of this type are: Shou Zhen Ball Shaped, Square Bell, Cylinder Stripe. 


Symmetrical Aligned Designs

The design is based on aligning every symmetrical feature of flowers and plants. Its striking achievement is the perfect alignment of lines making up the patterns and edges of the teapots. In handling a teapot of this design, its lid can be turned round in any direction, without upsetting the perfect fit at all points. The most well known of this type include: Hexagonal, Caltrop and Chrysanthemum.


When a quality tea meets a quality teapot, you will experience an amazing release of taste and aroma with every cup that is served. That’s why the Purple Clay Teapot truly adds life to your tea drinking experience! Let's get a purple clay tea pot for your tea https://bit.ly/PCANNNPurpleClay



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