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2020第一天,创造温暖新仪式 Smooth transition into a new decade with tea

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【Smooth transition into a new decade with tea】

We've finally arrived at the last day of 2019! How are you celebrating the start of 2020?

In Malaysia we love to go to countdown concerts and watch fireworks shows.


In Spain, the tradition is to eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes at midnight. It is said to bring you good luck for all 12 months of the year ahead!


People in Japan usually have family dinners on the 31st, watch the "Red and White Song Battle" on TV, and visit a shrine on the first day of New Year. 


Danish New Year tradition, on the other hand, can seem quite weird and "aggressive" from an outsider's perspective: they smash plates on the doorsteps of favourite friends, families and neighbours to wish them good luck!


Though we celebrate in ways so distinct, these traditions and practices all have a similar intention that is to anticipate a good year ahead, and to connect with the people you love and show them appreciation.

Why not create a personal tradition of your own and invite your loved ones to join? For instance, you can use a new set of teaware to brew the first cup of tea of 2020! Tea is all about enjoying a moment and sharing it with others, which makes it a perfect way to start a year!


Take a slow, mindful sip of the warm cuppa, and drink in the precious moment.

Refreshed and content, we are now ready for a new decade of happiness and challenges!

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