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喝一杯茶,啟動亮麗人生 Brighter life starts with tea

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Last year was not a particularly glorious nor successful year. We shall be grateful nevertheless – from all the challenges we embraced we have found the firmness and confidence deep in our heart. From the 13th general election on May 5th to the recent kangkung discussion, various events and topics are unfolding pretty quickly. And we shall be glad that people around us are able to distinguish what is right and wrong. While keeping our hope alive all the time, we are brave and happy to share our aspirations with the society.

In spite of occasional setback and unhappiness in life, we are still humble and gentle to take the challenges in stride. Those who shall work are working; students are attending school – life just goes on as usual. When the Chinese new year comes by, we gather with our family members for reunion dinner. And of course, we always remember to communicate from heart to heart over a pot of tea.

In the coming 365 days, we shall be sincere and resilient to work enthusiastically and live life to the fullest. We shall also stay true to ourselves and be brave to take on challenges – for we certainly deserve a brighter life.

Tea Talk

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