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年菜 Chinese New Year Dishes

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文 By: 高俊鴻 Koh Choon Hong (紫藤茶原餐飲經理 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant F & B Manager)


席間大家以吉祥語互相祝賀,聯絡感情,逐漸就把吉祥語延續到菜餚上面。於是,讓吉祥氣氛加持的美味佳餚,洋溢著快樂,演變成我們迎春納福的年菜 !


1. 年年有餘 – 取魚的諧音
2. 橫財就手 – 採用髮菜與豬手
3. 嘻哈大笑 – 利用大蝦開背成蝦球的形狀
4. 萬紫千紅 – 五顏六色,七彩繽紛的菜餚
5. 一帆風順 – 整個海參處理船身的形狀
6. 步步高陞 – 用竹筍烹調的菜餚,因為竹筍是越長越高
7. 招財進寶 – 利用澄黃的雞蛋皮包餃子,造成元寶蛋


Feasting is an important agenda during Chinese New Year. It is a time when everybody is seated together at the dining table and it is an occasion when relationship building takes place. Chinese New Year is a time when friends and relatives; colleagues from the workplace; and business associates sit down and enjoy a hearty meal together and share the joy of this festive season.
At the Chinese New Year dinner gathering, everybody will be greeting each other with heartwarming auspicious words. Eventually, those auspicious greetings are used in naming the Chinese New Year dishes.
The creative Chinese names created for the Chinese New Year dishes enhance the feeling of harmony and promote the auspicious atmosphere at the dining table.
Let us bring you through some of those Chinese New Year dishes with creative auspicious names:
Nian-Nian-You-Yu – This is a fish dish that uses the sound of “Yu” that is similar to the word “excess”, to denote abundance.
Heng-Cai-Jiu-Shou – The main ingredients in this dish are Trichome and pork trotter. Trichome denotes wealth and pork trotter denotes access. The combination of these two ingredients literally means “access to wealth”.
Ha-Ha-Da-Xiao – This is a prawn dish that uses the shape of large prawns to denote happiness.
Wan-Zhi-Qian-Hong-This dish is made of vegetables of various colours to signify “achieving great success with flying colours”.
Yi-Fan-Feng-Shun- This dish uses a whole sea cucumber to form the shape of the body of a boat. It is used to signify smooth sailing.
Bu-Bu-Gao-Shen-The main ingredient of this dish is bamboo Shoot. Bamboo shoots are used to denote growth.
Zhao-Cai-Jin-Bao– This is a dumpling dish that uses thinly fried omelet as dumpling wrapper and wrap the dumpling into the shape of a gold ingot.
Last but not least, is our local classic New Year dish – Rainbow colour Yee-Sang – A Chinese New Year delicacies created by Malaysians. The action of mixing and tossing the ingredients in the Yee-Sang dish is synonyms to bringing prosperity in the Chinese language. It is a Chinese New Year dish best loved by businessmen.

Chinese New Year dishes are not just food on the table, but a masterpiece that have combined the art of food presentation that delivers the auspicious well wishes, and the ingenious use of Chinese auspicious words that sound closely to the ingredients in the dishes.

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