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辦公室選對茶具樂趣多 Correct tea set for enjoyment at offices

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien




Quite a large number of people have nurtured a tea-drinking habit. We – the tea lovers – are doing quite well. Some of us have created a tea environment at home, and some have even allocated a space for the enjoyment of 'weekend tea meet-up' with relatives and friends.

However, how we shall find a tea-drinking place when we are working at offices during weekdays?

First and foremost, we are very lucky that almost all modern offices provide hot water. Regardless of the size of the hot water equipment, as long as the hot water supply is normal then it is convenient for us.

Office workers are usually using computers to work. Having faced the computer for a long period of time, we shall stand up and walk around to stretch and relax our muscles. It is also good to keep our eyes away from the computer screen for a while, otherwise we would feel tired pretty quickly.

It would be a very good idea if we reinvigorate ourselves with a cup of tea. As tea refreshes our mind and vitality, appropriate consumption of tea may enhance our work efficiency.

Offices of various industries are different due to business nature, space, staff, and atmosphere. In view of such differences, we shall arrange tea set according to the style and environment of our offices. Practicality is the only principle which remains unchanged.

The introduction of tea set combination for offices of corporation, education field and design industry is as follows.

辦公室行政人員 : 一壺一杯的單人組茶具,不占太多空間,沖泡簡單。
Administration staff : For one person, the tea set comprises a cup and a pot. Save space and tea-brewing made easy.

經理人員 : 一壺數杯的小組茶具,除了自己泡飲,與同事溝通時也可泡飲。
Managerial staff : For a small group, the tea set comprises several cups and a pot. It is also ideal to brew and drink tea during discussion with colleagues.

CEO : 佈置一張茶席,預備完整一套小壺茶法的茶具,隨時想喝可沖泡,開會或見客時也用得上。
CEO : Arrange a teapoy with a full set of small pot and cups. Brew and drink tea any time of the day. Drinking tea during company meetings or meet-ups with customers is also a good idea.

Educators : Soak a teabag in a thermos so that it is convenient to drink tea in the office, or to take around.

Design industry : Arrange a comprehensive teapoy in a corner. Staff members and visitors are free to brew and enjoy tea stylishly as they wish.

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