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初次体会~茶の品味 First Experience ~ Taste of Life

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文 By: 郭佩雯 Celeste Kek

古老 但典雅的廣場內
竹子、木板、陶土、紫砂 侵略了視覺框架
精緻 細膩 有趣的小玩意兒 強烈地吸引著目光
茶香與主人家的笑容 頓時讓人卸下了沉重的 疲憊
A beautiful night in a bustling city…
There is a small tea boutique hidden in an old but elegant square.
At first glance, bamboo, wood, clay and purple clay made up the whole picture.
It’s not difficult to discover that the owner loves delicate and tiny accessories.
I was nicely welcomed with sweet-smelting tea aroma, and a kindly smile of the owner.

白髮斑斑 整齐简单的西式服装
談吐輕鬆自如 動作敏捷有序
Holding a pair of old metal frames on the bridge of the nose,
The white-haired old man appeared in a neat simple Western-style clothing.
Aged almost eighty, he can speak sonorous and act agilely.

準備好茶具 要泡茶了
Water is bubbling,
and he is ready to brew tea now.

He is tremendously fond of delicate tiny tea sets.

從喝茶 到品茗
從大壺 多茶量 到小壺 少茶量
老伯伯說 幾片茶葉 已足夠讓大家細細品茗
哪怕是多貴的茶 也不會不捨得喝
From past to present, the tea pot size is gradually smaller, and the tea amount is apparently lesser.
It’s all about exquisite and fine tea tasting, rather than swallowing in a hurry.
It wouldn’t be a burden even if the tea is extraordinary in grade and price.

Accurate measurement of tea leaves.

6 人共享 1克 臺灣烏龍茶
瞧! 只有6顆珠狀茶葉!
He said:”1g is enough for 6 people.”
Believe it or not, it’s just 6 pcs of tea leaves for 6 people!

清香四溢的 烏龍茶
It was a clear yet slow sound of water,
and a cloud-like mist was form in the pitcher.
The fragrance of Oolong tea helps me to steal a moment,
and provide freshness with mind-blowing instant energy.

緩緩地吸 茶香 是多麼的幽静淡雅
再慢慢地用嘴巴呼氣 將雜念 煩惱 壓力 以無味覺的方式 釋放
一瞬間 心 平靜了 氣 也緩和了

岩韵醉人 清醇悠远
韻味果然是 清、醇、真、美
茶 不但暖了胃 更點燃了溫暖的人情 與 品味人生的感悟

Put near the tip of nose with the cup, gently inhale the nature fragrance.
Then slowly exhale through mouth.
Pressure and troubles are released with the expiration.
It makes me feel so calm and relaxed…

The tea is so translucent.
It tastes strong and smoothly mellow, and refreshingly fine.
Tea, not only warm up the body,
it kindles the humanity and the perception of the taste of life.

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