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Match Your Mooncake With The Right Tea

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Every Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are a must! From classic traditional flavors to bold and innovative new flavors, there is a wide variety of mooncake flavors to choose from. Enjoying a good cup of tea while savoring these seasonal treats is the icing on the cake.
But, with so many mooncake flavors how do we choose the right tea to match?
Before deciding which tea is suitable, we can first categorize mooncakes into two different categories based on the taste. 

 Mooncakes with light taste and pure fillings

When enjoying mooncakes like these, Green Tea, White Tea or Herbal Tea is recommended. These tea types are light on the palate and refreshing with every sip. They also compliment the mooncakes without overpowering so that you can enjoy the best of both mooncake and tea.
  Mooncakes with complex and rich flavors
For more complex or rich mooncake flavors, opting for Oolong Tea, Ripe Puer Tea or Black Tea is recommended. The overall combination of taste and aroma gives a multi-layered experience without overpowering the taste of mooncakes. Instead it is able to enhance the mooncake flavors. 


Tea and mooncakes are known to be the perfect match. In addition to the above-mentioned pairing methods, you may also try pairing it with other tea depending on your personal preference. Most importantly, tea is meant to compliment mooncakes to elevate the flavors and have an unforgettable experience. 
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