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新年來我家喝茶 Join me for a cup of tea this Chinese New Year

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文 By: 黃淑儀 Wong Sook Yee






Time flies, Chinese New Year is around the corner. And, I have yet to prepare anything for this festive season.
I am lucky that I do not have to do much Chinese New Year shopping. I only need to buy some Mandarin oranges to symbolize Chinese New Year and some gifts to friends and relatives. As I work in the tea industry, my friends would ask me to brew them tea whenever they come over to my house for Chinese New Year gathering; so, packet drinks and soft drinks are never on my shopping list. To brew tea for a big group of friends is not an easy task, though. You have to wait for the water to boil and then wait for the tea to brew, but it’s Chinese New Year! And it is a blessing having friends visiting during this joyous occasion.
Before I have kids, there was a mini tea table in my living room. Friends who came over to my house would gather around the tea table and savour the tea that I brewed for them. No special request was made for the species of tea to be brewed. They just waited around the tea table and let the tea I brewed present its very own character to them.

Now that I have two kids at home, the tea table has been shifted to the kitchen and the tea brewing tools have been simplified. Nowadays, I would brew the tea in the kitchen and serve in the living room.

Tea is ready. Join me for a cup of tea this Chinese New Year.

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