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我們回家過年 Let’s Go Home for Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year has become a meaningful event for people who celebrate this joyous occasion. People who work or reside in another town or city that is away from their hometown would look forward to this occasion and make all the necessary arrangements in advance so that they can travel home to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family and friends.

When people tell you that they are going “home”, they mean to tell you they are going back to their hometown; a place where they were born, a place where their parents stay, a place where their heart is.

People would not mind the long traveling time spent on heavy traffic highways. The journey home is never lonesome; people would travel with their family members and bring along their best choice of gifts. All they have in mind is going home and have a reunion with their family members whom they treasure in their hometown.

Other than family reunion, people would also take this opportunity to meet up with relatives and old friends over a cup of tea.

Those who are back in hometown have so much to do before Chinese New Year. They start baking festive cookies as early as one month before Chinese New Year. They have a long shopping list with items to buy that are ranging from festive decorative items such as red lanterns, couplets with auspicious greetings; fruits that symbolise prosperity such as pineapples and mandarin oranges. Dragon dance activity is a must have activity during Chinese New Year. Other than that, food ingredients such as poultry and seafood are common items to cook up a scrumptious reunion dinner. All these preparations are done to welcome their children home for such joyous festival.

Chinese New Year is nothing but all about thanksgiving and family reunion. The feelings for Chinese New Year are all written in Chinese New Year songs’ lyrics and the joy is expressed through fireworks.

What are you waiting for! Let’s get the “Ang Pow” in order, get dressed and bring along all the gifts with you, let’s go home for Chinese New Year!

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