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關愛,是共度喝一杯茶的時光 Love and Care – the Essence of Our Tea Enjoyment

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien





How warm would it be when we brew tea wholeheartedly to serve our family members. We need not assign which family member to brew tea – for one who cares for his or her own family would take the initiative to do so out of a sense of love and care for loved ones. We would sense the warmth if we do not take it as a must-do chore.

In the old days we used to make do with a big pot of hot water and a small portion of tea leaves. Those were the days when we still had a big family living and spending quality time under the same roof. Those were the days when we brewed tea with more water and less tea leaves – making it a plain beverage available all day long. With the change of lifestyle in modern society, we enjoy more opportunities to work and study and travel elsewhere. Given the fact that our family time has been shortened, brewing a big pot of tea is no longer practical.

At this point in time, brewing tea with a small pot is good enough for your better half to understand this is specially made for him or her. Worry no more about work, you and your better half shall sit down comfortably to enjoy tea together.

Love and care in life are not about wealth accumulation and status seeking – they are all about having someone willing to spend quality time with you to enjoy a cup of tea.
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