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我们的喝茶時光 My Precious Tea Time

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曾智勇:在公司裏,從早至晚都和茶泡在一起,如果問“您回家後有喝茶嗎?”我會答“我沒有。” 而週假日,我卻會一面看影片集一面喝茶。原來茶已經溶入我的生活裏,是我的生活中不可或缺的味道。


李潼 :姨姨教我泡茶,我喜歡喝茶,因爲茶有很多種顔色,很多種味道。





黄碧雯:茶就是我的生命, 我的灵魂, 喝茶是我的生活中不可或缺的一件事。

曹溧娥: 我喜歡和朋友在聚會的時候喝茶,因爲當話題聊完時、無所事事會有點尴尬,如果有杯茶會化解掉這尴尬,而同時又能想起新的話題繼續聊下去。我覺得在舒服又安靜的環境裏喝茶是一種享受。

It is such a joy getting to enjoy a cup of tea. Tea time has always been a wonderful time regardless of whether it is spent alone or with loved ones.

It does not matter who is the one who brews the tea; what matters most is how a comfortable cup of tea soothes one's soul and satisfies his craving.

Let's hear from a few friends on how tea relates to their daily life.

Chen: Due to the nature of my job, I spend most of my time at work dealing with tea. If you ever wonder whether I drink tea at home, I would tell you “No.”. However, I would spend my weekends at home enjoying a cup of tea while watching a good movie.
Drinking tea has become part of my routine activities. My life is never complete without tea.

Shan and Goh: you need a good companion to enjoy a cup of nice tea. The aroma of tea does not only intensify your senses but also imprint an unforgettable memoir in your life.

Annabelle: My aunt taught me how to make tea. I love drinking tea. Each type of tea is unique in its character. Different types of tea diffusing different colour and aroma.

AK: I am not a fan of coffee. I prefer tea. I could drink a lot of tea. I prefer drinking tea with a group of friends rather than drinking alone. We can chat on various topics while enjoying our tea. Tea drinking is such a versatile activity that you can do it any time you want.

Kang Kang: I am 10 years old. I started drinking tea when I was 4. It was my father who introduced me to tea drinking. My mother sent me to tea art class. I like the aroma of tea and they are yummy.

Liew: I drink tea when I am at work. Tea plays an important role in my life. It acts as an energy booster and antioxidant that keep me going.

Joan: Before I worked for Purple Cane, I usually drank tea after meal. I had very little knowledge in tea therefore, I seldom bought tea leaves. After I joined Purple Cane, I learnt more about tea and since then, I started buying tea leaves that I like. Due to the nature of my job, I can make myself a cup of tea whenever I want. Tea has become part of my life and it is as important as my career, my health and my family.

Jane: Tea has become part of my life and my soul. I can’t function without tea.

Ashley: I like drinking tea with friends whenever we have get-together functions. It is always good to have a cup of tea in hand as it helps switch over to a new topic without having any awkward feeling. I enjoy drinking tea in a comfortable and quiet environment.
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