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普洱奶茶 Puer Milk Tea

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200cc Water 水
360cc Fresh Milk 鲜奶
5g Puer Tea 普洱熟茶

1) 将沱茶和水放入锅子,用中小火把普洱茶煮开。
2) 倒入牛奶,边煮边搅拌。
3) 保持小火加热。
4) 倒出便滤出茶叶,可随意加入糖调味。

1) Bring the melon tuo tea and water boil with medium heat.
2) Add in milk and stir.
3) Simmering with low heat.
4) Turn heat off and pour into cup with tea strainer. Serve with some sugar to taste.
Puer Tea Tea Recipe 普洱茶 茶食谱

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