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人間美味,芳香響宴“心”茶席 Putting your thought into a festive tea presentation setting

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A tea presentation setting filled with festive joy adds a lot more to the celebration of Chinese New Year. A pot of soothing and nourishing tea made with finesse promises not just a beverage, but one of life’s greatest gratifications; nothing beats steaming cups of fragrant tea for sharing with family members and visiting guests during Chinese New Year.

The enjoyment of tea does not call for expensive tea service or rare teas; neither is vintage a key issue. The only thing that matters is how much thought and effort has gone into it, from the layout of the setting for brewing and serving.

A cup of tea reflects the state of one’s mind and thoughts. The tea presentation setting, be it simple or elaborate, would be a great one as long as it brings out the festive mood, matches the surrounding and is one the family members are comfortable with.

Infuse the tea with your gentle, loving care; it is these small but thoughtful touches that will make the festive celebration, so much more memorable to your family members and friends. Let the aroma spreads our happiness and gratitude – these cups of fragrant brew are filled with our best wishes and blessings for the New Year.

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