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送禮送關愛 Send your love through a gift

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文 By: 呂慧君 Loo Hooi Koon(紫藤網店站長 Purple Cane e-shop Manager)



紫藤的禮盒禮藍有數十種之多,傳統創意包裝,帶著滿滿的祝福。不同的對象,不同習俗我們都能一一滿足,讓收禮人感到您的心意。價格只從RM 39.90起。更有免運費服務 (RM49西馬免運費)。

It is a custom for Chinese to send gift during Chinese New Year. It is a way for Chinese to express their gratitude to family and friends as well as to strengthen the friendship bond through gifts. Usually, a Chinese New Year shopping list is in place to plan for items to buy and to whom to send. As Chinese New Year is approaching, the marketplace is full of festive spirit with a wide variety of Chinese New Year items on sale. This is the time when those who are away from home, miss home the most.

The popularity of online shopping has made life easier for everybody. Once the sender has provided the goods recipient’s mailing particulars and greeting messages, the merchant will handle the rest. Online shopping service has helped improve merchandise sales. However, good customer service and quality assurance are two key factors in customer satisfaction.

Purple Cane provides a wide selection of gift hampers with attractive traditional or modern packaging designs. We cater for customers from different ethnic groups with different cultural background. Our gift hamper price is ranging from RM39.90. We also provide free shipping service to anywhere in West Malaysia with any purchase of RM49.00 and above.

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