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一人泡茶獨飲多安靜 Sip Tea Alone and Enjoy Tranquility

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien


We have gotten used to busy workload and daily life of the modern age. Online or not, every second of our life is occupied by social activities – this is not to mention constantly incoming of latest news and information and developments of various events.

While interaction with each other and conveyance of messages remain important, it is also equally vital that we shall spare ourselves some time from repetitive interactions. So that we can keep quiet and allow ourselves to rediscover our rhythm and positioning in life.

Solitude can be achieved by creating a space for ourselves to literally slow down. For example, having gone through the hectic schedule of work or social life, we shall go home and stay in our tea room to enjoy a cup of tea. Reading in our study and walking in the park are also ideal.

Solitude doesn't mean total cut off from interaction with others, nor does it mean living alone. Pretty much the contrary, indeed – we train ourselves to have stronger mind with solitude. Feeling firm deep in heart, our life would not go astray.

Through solitude we are training ourselves to calm down our mind and soul. Whether we are reading, brewing and enjoying tea, or walking alone – we are able to observe ourselves only when we feel tranquil. Through tranquility and solitude, we shall find ourselves delving into our own thoughts
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