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龙井炒虾仁 Stir Fried Prawns with Long Jing Tea

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The most famous dish to use tea as an ingredient.

材料 Ingredients:

虾 Prawn 200g
绿茶龙井 Long Jing Tea 5g
蛋白 Egg White 1 Teaspoon
盐 Salt 1 pinch
薯粉 Starch 1 pinch
料酒 Cooking Wine 2 Tablespoon

1) 剥去虾壳挑出虾线,将虾仁用清水洗净,滤水待用。
2) 虾仁盛入碗中,加一匙料酒和蛋清搅拌后加入少许薯粉,静置入味。
3) 龙井茶用70-80度水泡开约1分钟,滤出茶汤,余下的茶叶备用。
4) 热油开始热时,下虾仁翻炒,半分钟左右迅速出锅,以免过老。
5) 锅留下少量油,倒入虾仁,将少许茶汤和茶叶倒入,加一匙料酒,少许盐翻炒,起锅。

1) Remove shells and intestines from the prawns. Rinse in clean water, then drain and set aside.
2) Place prawns in a bowl, add a spoon of cooking wine and egg whites, and stir. After stirring, add a pinch of starch, and set aside to allow flavor to settle.
3) Use water heated to 70-80℃ to soak Longjing tea leaves for one minute, then strain the liquid from the tea leaves. Keep both the liquid and the leaves.
4) Preheat oil to just before boiling, then stir-fry prawns briskly for no longer than 30 seconds, and quickly remove them from the wok to avoid overcooking.
5) Leave a small amount of oil in the wok, then pour in prawns, the liquid and leaves from the tea, cooking wine, and a pinch of salt. Stir-fry, then pour finished dish onto plate.

Green Tea Long Jing Tea Recipe 绿茶 茶食谱 龙井

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