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送上茶禮好過年 Tea makes great gifts this Chinese New Year

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien





Gift giving is common to us all. When our emotions are touched, or heartstrings tugged, we would eagerly want to express our feelings, such as care, well-wishes and gratitude. Presenting gifts is a means to realize this urge; with gifts, we are turning abstract feelings of longing, respect, filial piety and love into physical action. The intensity of feelings grows as we usher in Chinese New Year; it is an opportunity for us to express our feelings when everyone gets together.

For the art of gift giving, how could we communicate our feelings to the recipients, and make them feel happy and satisfied? Here are some considerations. Firstly, refrain from passing on what others have given you or what you feel are unwanted, unless the recipients have expressed their fondness of the items concerned; secondly, ask the recipients what they like and choose the gifts accordingly; thirdly, avoid flashy and elaborate packaging as this is a waste of money and is unfriendly to our environment; fourthly, present the gifts in person to show your sincerity and respect; lastly, show the recipients the usage after opening the gifts if these are functional items.

So what could be the ideal gifts for Chinese New Year? Tea leaves and tea ware make great gifts because tea is a healthier beverage than sweet or alcoholic drinks. A refreshing beverage, it helps you stay awake should you need to drive a long distance home for Chinese New Year reunion or celebration. Meanwhile, since we tend to eat more than usual during the festive season, taking tea will help adjust our internal system for better balance; have a pot of tea to accompany your meals as tea helps digestion.

Chinese New Year is also a time to catch with friends and relatives. Do so over a cup of tea, rather than just snacking on festive cookies and pastries, watching television or playing mahjong. Great conversation accompanied by a good pot of tea is a sure way to deepen interpersonal relationships.

Tea has been an indispensable part of Chinese families. In the olden days, however, tea used to be taken in a no-frills manner when life was not as sophisticated. Today, there is certainly room for a more refined way to enjoy tea. With a little premium tea leaves and exquisite tea ware, you will be able to enjoy a Chinese New Year infused with the flavour of the tea culture!

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