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马六甲培风中学 茶艺讲座 Tea Talk at Pay Fong High School Melaka

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文 By:杨智茳 Yong Chee Chiang




As the students of Pay Fong High School Malacca completed their final exam, Purple Cane organised a tea talk at the school. The tea talk is included as one of the lessons for the school's extra­curriculum elective programme which also offered coffee appreciation, hotel management, and western cuisine, among others.

The Art of Tea programme introduces history of tea culture, tea leaf varieties, and methods of brewing tea. Despite their lack of enthusiasm at the beginning, the students still managed to concentrate on the lesson. The tea­brewing session allowed the students to brew tea, which I think they have been anticipating earlier on. Their tea­brewing procedure wasn't smooth as they were still not familiar with it, they nevertheless put in effort to practise repeatedly to perform better.

From what I have observed I would say they should be credited for their learning attitude.

Thanks to the effort of the principal and the programme's teacher­in­charge, the programme went on smoothly.
Tea Talk

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