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Tea, Wellness & Me

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Tea Wellness& Me

Fully vaccinated with both doses? Getting back to the daily task of going out and working from the office? Always remember to continue practicing the proper SOP and take precautions to avoid getting infected. Mask up, sanitize regularly, maintain social distancing and practice a healthy diet with plenty of water and tea to keep our body healthy. 

Remember! Tea contains powerful antioxidants that may help eliminate free radicals. Healthy daily tea drinking habits can help prevent aging, maintain good health and improve our immunity.


1) Tea For Immunity - Green Tea 

  • -High in antioxidants , Anti-aging properties
  •  -Promotes metabolism
  • - Boost immunity

2)Tea For Energizing - Oolong Tea

  • Improve mental alertness
  • Boosts Energy

3)Tea For Relaxation - Flower Scented Tea

  • Calms the mind & relieves stress
  • Relieve depression
  • Soothe liver and detoxify

4)Tea For Warming  - Puer Tea

  • Warm the spleen and stomach
  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces cholesterol levels

5)Tea For Beautifying - White Tea

  • Aids to clear acne
  • Rejuvenates and destress skin
  • Whitening & anti-aging 

6)Tea For Daily Convenience - Cane‘s Series

  • Convenient
  • Easy to brew
  • Health booster anywhere and anytime


 Drink more tea, Stay Safe & Healthy. Send gift of health to all.

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