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元氣花草茶 The charms of herbal tea

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文 By: 呂慧君 Loo Hooi Koon







Having a cup of herbal tea to go with some light snacks on a grilling hot afternoon cools me down. Herbal tea not only rehydrates but also provides a good source of vitamins that are required to maintain good health. The scent of different herbs released during the brewing process has some soothing and calming effect.

Each and every type of herb has its distinctive characteristic and function. They are all natural without any caffeine content added. In order to choose the right type of herbal tea that suits individual health condition, the drinker must have certain knowledge in the therapeutic property and familiar with the scent of different herbs.

Below is a simple healthy herbal tea recipe for sharing.

Rose Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea

Ingredients: Rose, White Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry (Goji Berry), Dried Longan, some Honey to taste.

Healing properties: the taste of wolfberry is slightly bitter but mild in nature. Wolfberry is known as liver and kidney tonic. It also helps improving eyesight. The characteristic of roses is as mild and it is known to have some calming effect and help rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. Flora and plants offer definite health benefits in maintaining healthy vision. Rose Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea is definitely a good choice to reduce eye strain problem arising from long hours working in front of the computer.

Herbal tea Preparation Tips:
Let both the wolfberry and longan soak in the hot water for 5 minutes before adding in the rest of the ingredients.

Tea Recipe 茶食谱

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