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品茶四心 The Four Pillars

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文 By: 譚桂芳 Tham Kwee Foong





Since my joining of tea industry, I have slowly come to understand that the principle of tea is an art form of life developed from tea appreciation. The formality and skills of brewing tea are also nurturing our refined qualities and virtue of patience and respect.

I enjoy sitting with several soul mates in a soft lighting tearoom. Brewing a little pot of tea as we like, from Long Jing and Oolong to Puer. As we are sipping tea relaxedly, we are indeed purifying our mind and leading a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.

Through tea-brewing processes I have learnt that the procedures are indeed similar to our getting along in life. From water temperature to volume to time length, all factors have to coordinate and adjust with each other. This is not to mention that how our heart feels can actually influence the lingering aroma of the tea.

Extending from tea-brewing I have learnt that everything in life requires us to be meticulous, earnest, patient, and grateful. They are the four pillars of tea appreciation – as I may name them – which encourage better communication and understanding among the people.

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