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茶品中的甘露-龍井茶 The Mellow Long Jing Tea

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文 By: 阿貝 Bella

我輕輕地吸氣 吸入那嫩嫩的豆香氣息
感受那安靜的溫柔 幸福的甜
我耐心了解你的個性 從不讓滾燙的水傷害你柔嫩的軀體
我認真鑽研衝泡技藝 從不吝啬將你的優點展露,一覽無遺
我專注品茗 欣賞你各個角度與層次中所帶來的魅力

I gently breathe in the tender breath of fresh tea leaves,
The mellowness dispersed slowly in my body and heart and soul –
Allowing me to sense the tenderness of tranquility, the mellowness of happiness.

Your purity and sophistication, your elegance and intellectuality –
Are as if after-the-rain anion – purifying my soul;

With great patience in understanding your characteristics,
To protect your softness and tenderness from boiling water.
With great effort in acquiring brewing skills,
To unselfishly display your strength in a glance.
With great concentration sipping the tea,
To appreciate the attraction of yours from various angles and levels.

I can't help but fall in love with –
The poetic tea like you –
The outstanding Long Jing tea.

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