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女性學泡茶對社會的意義 The significance of ladies brewing tea

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien






Everything ladies stand for – meticulous, gentle yet mentally strong, and acute – is indeed the quality required to learn to make tea. Meaningful as every step is, the processes of brewing and serving and drinking tea allow us to accomplish the relationships – between one person and another, human and article, as well as article and article. Female tea brewers are indeed playing a significant role in the society.

Tea brewer bears the responsibility to nurture tacit understanding among tea drinkers. And serving tea requires us to show more thoughts for others. For example, let others hold on to the teapot handle while they are appreciating it. Also, pay more attention to the temperature of the tea so that it isn't too warm for our friends.

As for our getting along with articles, we have to understand clearly which pot brews what style and taste of tea. Every tea leaf is as if representing a life – we shall brew tea with the best skills possible to show our utmost respect and appreciation.

As for the relationship between article and article, every teapot and utensils have their own position to be placed and kept decently. Teapot surely doesn't speak – but it has its own mission in the world. As tea brewers, we shall accomplish its mission step by step so that teapot and other tea utensils can play their role in the world.

In a family or an organisation, we usually revolve around the ladies – who gather and inspire people around them. The positive energy of optimism and inner peace is what the tea-brewing ladies capable of to inspire our society.

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