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IT上班族喝茶記 The Ties Between An IT Programmer And Tea

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文 By: 傑盛 Jason






I work in the IT industry as a computer programmer. The nature of my job is mainly computer-based. Sometimes, I have to stay up late to meet tight deadlines. Long hours of working in front of a computer strain my eyes.

Most IT professionals would rely on coffee to stay alert at work. For me, I prefer tea. I come from a family that loves tea. Since young, we have been exposed to tea. My mother, who is a nutritionist, often shares with us the benefits of tea and the correct way of drinking tea.

It was from my mother whom I learnt that tea leaves contain a rich source of Beta-Carotene that is beneficial to eye sight. It also helps prevent Night Blindness. Tea provides good supplements of Vitamin-B, Beta-Carotene and other minerals that transform into Vitamin-A after a series of enzyme reaction in our body. In addition, tea leaves is also rich in phenolic compounds, Vitamin-C, etc., which has the capacity of absorbing the ionizing radiation particles stored in the body and releasing them through urination and defecation. People who spend long hours working in front of a computer are exposed to a minor degree of X-ray contamination. The X-ray contamination weakens the immune system of a person and results in a drop in the white blood cell count. Tea helps reducing or eliminating the damage done by X-ray contamination to our body.

Other than tea leaves, my mother also shared with us on how the combination of different herbs, such as Chrysanthemums and Goji Berry can help improving our eyesight.

I drink tea every day to maintain good health. At the office, I use tea pot that is equipped with a filter to make tea. At home, I would use the complete tea set and go through the full tea-brewing process to brew tea. I enjoy brewing tea as the process helps me release my tension from work.

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