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茶碎如何处理?有妙招!Tips On How To Handle The “Tea-Bits”

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  1. 准备一个茶滤网,在出汤的时候搁在茶海上,那样就不会喝到茶碎了。 

  1. 用壶泡茶,在纳茶时将茶碎放在壶底,靠近出水孔放完整的茶叶,注水时温柔一点,这样就不拍出水孔被碎茶堵住了。

  1. 准备茶滤袋,自己做茶包。把茶碎装进滤袋,喝的时候就不用担心满口茶渣了。






Tea leaves have a variety of forms and they get either compressed or loosened up in the midst of transportation, packaging and brewing. That’s why it is inevitable to find some broken tea-bits in your tea.

So how do we deal with broken tea-bits?

Here are some tips on how to handle the “tea-bits” and consume it without waste!

  1. To prevent ingesting the broken tea-bits you can prepare a tea strainer and place it over the pitcher when you pour out the tea soup.


2. As you prepare your pot of tea, place the broken tea-bits at the bottom of the pot and position the whole tea leaves near the tea spout. Gently pour your water into your pot to prevent the bits from clogging the pot.



3. Make your very own tea bags! Place the broken tea-bits into the tea filter bags and you’ll be brewing up a storm minus the hassle of getting a mouthful of tea-bits in your mouth.


The one thing to take note is that the duration needed to brew broken tea-bits is shorter because they release their contents quicker at a quicker rate compare to whole tea leaves.

 Happy Brewing~

Credit to Purple Cane Tea Art Learning Center 紫藤茶艺学习中心

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