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馬年推薦10大好茶 Top Ten Teas for the Year of the Horse

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Come Chinese New Year, tea is one of the most popular beverages and gifts. A must-have for festive get-togethers, tea prepared and served in a composed and pleasant manner is the warmest reception one can offer to friends and family.

A great accompaniment to the sumptuous reunion dinner and endless New Year snacking, tea helps flush out the grease your have consumed and ease the stomach. Nothing beats a cup of tea for some digestive relief.

Thanks to this popular beverage, expressing our respect and feeling has become so much easier. Simple as it may sound; a cup of tea offered with the heart makes our world a more beautiful place.

Don’t let the complicated names and selection criteria spoil the enjoyment! We have conducted several tea tastings to come up with a list of Top Ten Teas for 2014 for your convenience. Try them all, one by one, for the Year of the Horse that is full of flavour.

God of Longevity (Luoshouxin). Characteristics: This full-bodied tea has a vividly fruity note. A Wuyi Crag tea made of leaves from the old tea shrub, it has aged for more than a year to yield a stably mellow flavour.

The Eight Immortals (Baxian).Characteristics: Rich with a long finish and rounded palate, this tea is made of tender leaves from the single shrub of the tea cultivar on Mount Fenghuang in Chaozhou.

Jasmine Green Tea: Characteristics: A refreshing scented tea with pronounced floral accent. Equally appealing on the nose and the palate, this affordable tea makes for a delightful cup.

Long Jing Green Tea.Characteristics: Green tea with delicious aroma of tender buds and a sweet, mellow flavour. The clear infusion promises a lingering aftertaste.

Gu Shu Wang –Raw Puer Tea. Characteristics: Smooth on the palate with sweet aroma and taste, this is a great tea with very intense flavour. The 2013 new tea comes from an old tree of over 300 years old.

Yun Pin Hao–Raw Puer Tea. Characteristics: A strong and flavourful brew with a lot of character. Manufactured in 2004, the 10-year ‘raw’ Pu’er has ripened by way of dry storage to become smooth and rich.

Lapsang Souchong. Characteristics: Black tea with distinct aroma of black dates and a hint of citric fruit. Spirited with layers of flavour.

Oriental Beauty. Characteristics: Also known as Baihao Oolong, the sweet-tasting brew is refined and well-rounded. Made with fresh leaves that have been fed on by an insect called the tea green leafhopper, the tea infusion has a distinct and delightful aroma.

Chen Cang Liubao. Characteristics: Smooth, thick and rich, this 10-year old tea is infused with pinewood aroma with an aftertaste that is long and lingering.

Jia Cang Puer-1992 Aged Puer Tea: Creamy smooth with pleasing aged aroma and strong flavour of dates. The taste of this vintage tea, evolved over the 22 years in storage, is fully captured in the infusion.

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