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爸、媽,請喝茶! Warmhearted Tea for Lovely Parents

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien






In our everyday life we should – at least twice or thrice a month – serve our parents a pot of hot tea. And not forgetting several additional occasions such as during Chinese New Year, birthday celebration and the wedding ceremony.

Tea-serving, may seem old-fashioned and some may ask why we are still practicing it? Is it outdated in modern days? Some suggest that even tea-drinking needs to be fashionable, otherwise the young ones would not favour it. By the way, are young people still willing to go home to make their parents a pot of hot tea?

In fact, the 'fashionable tea-drinking' notion only involves the packaging of tea leaves and the decoration of tea shop, as well as the way of making and enjoying tea. And not forgetting the new perspective in the modern age.

No matter how modernity advances, our love for family still remains the same. A special part deep in our heart is dedicated to our family – to love, to care and appreciate, and to requite the love of our parents and the elders.

It would be very special if we serve our aging parents and elders a cup of tea. Since they are also experienced ups and downs as we do, we should always care if they are happy. It would be very touching if we serve them hot tea when they encounter some setbacks. And when they are happy, serve them a pot of hot tea to share their happiness.

During an important festival like Chinese New Year, we should take this opportunity to serve tea to show respect for our parents. We are now strong and fit adults – but we have no right to ignore their feelings and wellbeing. Our parents' effort to raise us isn't something we should take for granted.
Perhaps they are not as well educated as we are, and not well informed because they can't follow the pace with online information. And these should not be our reasons to ignore them.
New year celebration has always been lively and cheerful. And a long list of activities awaits us – enjoying delicious reunion meals, giving red packets, and watching the lion dance performance and much more.

Despite being occupied by different activities, we should also make time for a cup of tea with our parents and the elders. And they will surely appreciate the pot of hot tea, which represents our care and respect.

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