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Warming Tea For A Rainy Day

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How’s the weather today? Do you hear the pitter patter of raindrops against your window or the rumbling of thunder in the distance? Chill breeze blowing through the night, keep warm with a cup of hot tea to avoid catching a cold.

Zi Yun Compressed Round Tea is a 2007 ripe puer tea, evenly shaped with a shade of brownish red tinge. Upon contact with boiling water, it emits a unique scent with woody notes and dates releasing a clear and bright infusion with a charming chestnut color. On a cold rainy day, brew a pot of hot tea to keep you warm. Feel the mellowness of tea in every sip, gentle and heart-warming. The fragrance of tea is long lasting leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste. 

Brewing A Warming Pot of Zi Yun Puer Tea 








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